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BISS Ch. Adlerheim's Have You Heard

June 29, 1997  -  November 18-2006   

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Rumour left this world as she entered it, with my hand upon her.
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Rumour's Pedigree
Black Type #3
Full & Proper Dentition
DNA Clear vWD
OFA Excellent (9125E29F-T)


In Canada -BISS  and Multi-Group Winner 

In the US - 11 points / both majors
Rumour died of a perforated bowel caused by injesting pieces of a puppy toy.  It was sudden and very unexpected.  Upon autopsy, her organs were clear and her heart was normal, no enlargement.  She was only 9 1/2 year old.
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at 7 weeks
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at 6 months
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Head Shot

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